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Route finder: Smart city ways

Developer: LeanWeb

Using the app is straightforward. You can enter start and destination addresses, or your starting GPS position and it will return a set of available routes, classified by quality (fastest, best, most comfortable, and more).These journeys are taking into account real-time information, like traffic disruptions, timetable changes, how difficult the journey is and much more.
The clean interface features easy to read and insightful information such as the transportation line's number and color, expected waiting times, times of arrival, or how many transfers you have to go through with each journey.You will know when you need to get going if you want to arrive at the bus or metro station on time.
A Google Map will display your route with stop points. It's coming with Street View functionality, which will come in handy when you are visiting a new town or foreign country.
Please be advised that an internet access is necessary, the app wouldn't be able to return quality real-time results otherwise.
This service is available in the following countries and cities: •United States: New York, Boston, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco•Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal•France: Paris, Nantes, Marseille•Germany: Berlin•Italy: Rome, Turin•Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao•Holland•Belgium•Switzerland•Sweden •Finland: Helsinki•Greece: Athens•Australia•New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington•Mexico City•Brazil: São Paulo
You have an account system at your disposal, if you want to save and synchronize your routes across all your devices. It is optional, you can use all the core functionalities without it and there is also an anonymous account system. Anonymous accounts are completely deleted if you sign out, and last for up to 30 days from creation.
CreditsData ©, © Maps provided by Google. Terms of service are available on the app's website.